vim 7.0 release one week ago

Actually I had build it the day after release in my mac.

This version have three new features important for me:

  • Tab support
  • Online English syntax check
  • Automatic completion for development

Here&aposs my vim resource profile, modified based others, just unpack it and place it to $HOME.

Tab support
To create a new tab just input:
: tabe
or press CTRL-N with my vim resource profile.

it will be looks like this:
New vim tab.

If you want to switch tabs, just input:
: tabn
or tabp
You also can press CTRL-/ for next tab.

Close tab just enter:
: close
or CTRL-D.

If you want to close all the tabs, or quit vim directly, just enter:
:qa (enter for Quit All)

Online English syntax check
In previous version, you also can check your spell with aspell or other programs, or other vim plugins.
But the intergration spell check is first built-in in this version.

To enable spell check. just enter:
: setlocal spell spelllang=en

You will see like below, the wrong words will be highlight by red color.

Vim spell check

If also can select other languages if your vim release words database, you can check it in /usr/share/vim/vim70/spell/ directory.

Automatic completion for development
With this feature, vim goes to be a project center from a normal editor.
In the vim announce, professed to it support C, HTML, Ruby, Python, PHP and the others ready.

I had just only tested C.

vim 7 function complete

To use syntax completion, just press CTRL-X, vim will print:
-- ^X mode (^]^D^E^F^I^K^L^N^O^Ps^U^V^Y)

In this mode, these key means:
^]: Tag completion
^D: Definition completion
^F: File name completion
^I: Path pattern completion
^K: Dictionary pattern completion
^L: Whole line completion
^N: Keyword Local completion
^O: Omni completion
^V: Command-line completion

Other information about new vim, please check vim web site: