Replace my HD of Powerbook.

I&aposm using a Powerbook 17&quot for home and working. It was bought from Oct 2005.

It built-in a Seagate 5400.2 100G hard driver.

The broken HD - Seagate 5400.2 100G

But I feel some problem in it, the program can&apost write file in it sometimes, and there&aposs no any error reported, just hang hang and hang,

I think maybe there are some bad block in it.

So I bought another Hitachi 5K120 120G HD to replace it,

My new HD - Hitachi 5K120 120G

I disassembly the powerbook with THIS GUIDE.

With a lot of work, the inside show to my eye.

Memory holdLooking inside - Logic Board and other stuff.

After assembly it, I clone my operating system in old disk into the new one, and start the system normaly.

HD in Sysinfo

How about the old disk, It&aposs not broken that unrepairable, I repartition it and only use 80G of it, I bought a Datastorage PD2500 and put old harddriver into it.

I will store my movies in it. -)

The front of Datastorage PD2500The back of Datastorage PD2500